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  Micro-Lite High-efficiency Narrow-kerf Cutting Systems
Oregon Micro-Lite™ narrow-kerf cutting systems remove less wood fiber when cutting so they require less power than standard cutting attachments to make the same length of cut. Micro-Lite™ is a system, involving both a specialized chain and a specialized bar. A Micro-Lite™ chain must always be used with a Micro-Lite™ bar in order to obtain all the advantages of narrow-kerf cutting.

micro-lite system

Oregon Micro-Lite™ chains offer many of the latest Oregon advancements and are available in standard-gauge* and narrow-gauge* variations. Please see table below for details:
Micro-Lite™ .325" 95VP Chain .050” Standard Gauge* MLB or MPB Bars
Micro-Lite™ Mini 3/8” 90SG Chain .043” Narrow Gauge* MLE Bars

micro-lite system

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